The UF Student Senate has five standing committees which are tasked with carrying out various tasks within Senate, such as allocating funds, reviewing bills before they go to the floor and planning outreach events on campus. Each committee has nine members and are led by a chair who is selected by the Replacement and Agenda Committee, which is chaired by the Senate President Pro Tempore. Every week, each chair gives an update on the current events within the committee as they are pertinent to Senate’s inner-workings.

The Budget & Appropriations Committee examines, amends as needed, and reports to the Senate the Activity and Service Fee Budget. The committee further examines, amends as needed and reports to the Senate on all student organization operational and travel budgets.

Chair: Emily Pecora,


Blake Cox
Shelby Schultz
Jacob Kanfer
Nyla Pierre
Connor Panish
Max Durst
Isabel Ponce
Saketh Damera

The Judiciary Standing Committee reviews all non-budgetary bills, resolutions, and proposed constitutional amendments submitted to the Senate. The committee reviews the qualifications of all executive nominations to the judicial branch, determining if they are qualified to hold said office. Judiciary also reviews the constitutions of any student organization requesting special allocations or requesting or again receiving an annual budget.

Chair: Sean Harkins,


Mason Solomon
Jacey Cable
Wilson Roberts
Sidney Ruedas
Santiago Alvarez
Liam Antoszewski
Joah Levine
Haley Rubin