Elections Basics


Student Government elections are held in the Spring and Fall of each year. The Executive Branch and Senators (by College) are elected in the Spring. In the Fall, Senators are elected according to living areas (on-campus, off-campus, and family housing).

50 Senators representing the various residence halls and zip codes surround the University of Florida are elected in the Fall. The Student Body President, Vice President, Treasurer, and 50 Senators representing the various academic colleges are elected in the Spring. All officials elected to serve for a one-year term. Voting takes place for two days at various polling locations on campus. Students must have a photo ID to vote and know their UF ID number or have their Gator 1 card. If you have any questions you can contact the Supervisor of Elections or the SG Office on the 3rd level of the Reitz Union.

To qualify to run in the elections, a student must fill out the appropriate forms with the Supervisor of Elections.

For any questions about elections, please contact
Supervisor of Elections Alexandra Stedman: elections@sg.ufl.edu

Fall Elections: September 28th and 29th

Absentee Ballot Request
Combined Candidate List Fall 2021

Notice for Students Withheld from Campus

Please note, if you are a student who is withheld from UF’s campus due to COVID-19 on the two days of SG elections (February 23rd AND February 24th), and were not able to participate through the absentee ballot process, you can contact the UF SG Supervisor of Elections, Hayley Price, by email at elections@sg.ufl.edu to discuss an accommodation to cast your vote.

The UF Supervisor of Elections will be able to ask SG staff if they can confirm if a student has submitted a valid request. SG staff will not be sharing any information with the UF Supervisor of Elections outside of whether or not the request is a valid request.

Additionally, if any student indicates to the UF Supervisor of Elections they are not comfortable communicating with them on this issue, the Supervisor of Elections can refer the student to one of our staff and they will work with the individual.

Any requests for a voting accommodation based on being withheld from campus due to COVID-19 must be received before noon on Wednesday, February 24th.

The UF Supervisor of Elections will ensure any student that submits a valid request before the deadline will receive a ballot.