Reporting a Change of Address to UF

Students should update their local address with UF every semester.

Students should report a change in local address to the University of Florida each time a move occurs. Do this by logging into your account at using the Gatorlink username and password. All Personal Addresses need to be updated.

  • UF students have to maintain the following addresses in ONE.UF:
    • Street Address:
      The Street Address should be the actual PHYSICAL address in Gainesville where you live (or the location where you reside while taking classes). This address CANNOT be a PO Box address.
  • To update your address with UF follow these instructions:
    1. Go to Directory Profile
    2. Sign in using the Gatorlink Username and Password
    3. Click on Edit next to the Street Address, in the Personal Address section
    4. Enter the entire street address in the “Address Line 1” box of the Street Address (read the section below to learn about the proper U.S. Street Address format) – this information should show overnight in the system as your address.
    5. Click “submit”.

Proper U.S. Street Address format:

The address provided in the UF Directory will be used to ensure you receive the appropriate ballot from Student Government. Street addresses in the U.S. typically follow a standard format. To avoid having errors and to avoid having an address update rejected, refer to the following examples for the proper address format.