How to write legislation?

Interested in learning more about the legislation process or learning how to write your own legislation? See the documents below for more information.

How to Write Legislation – Presented by the Judiciary Committee

Resolution Template

Codes Revision Template

The informational packet below is designed to be an introduction to Senator duties and summarize the different elements of Student Government.

Senator Informational Packet

2019-1000 Authorization Ordering the Constitution Revision Commission to Amend the Constitution to Allow for De-Jure Proportional Enfranchisement

2019-1001 Amendment to Student Body Constitution

2019-1002 Honoring Virgil D. Hawkins Referendum Question

2019-1003 Rec Sports Expansion Referendum

2019-1004 APIDA Institute Referendum Question

2019-1005 Block Seating Referendum

2019-1006 Student Childcare Fee Referendum

2019-1007 Soft Close Bar Hours Referendum

2019-1008 Open Container on Game Day Referendum

2019-1009 Nighttime Safety Services Referendum

2019-1010 Board of Trustees Student Advisory Committee Referendum

2019-1011 Early Voting Location Campus Referendum

2019-1012 Newell Hall Board of Managers Referendum

2019-1013 Decal Restrictions Referendum

2019-1014 Funding for Gator Chess Club

2019-1015 Funding for Balkan Student Association

2019-1016 Funding for Lucha Latina

2019-1017 Funding for Pair-A-Dice Gaming

2019-1018 Funding for Young Life College

2019-1019 Resolution Supporting the People of Cuba and Gators Affected by the Tornado in Havana, Cuba

2019-1021 Student Body Resolution Supporting the Permanent Funding of More Disability Resource Center Learning Specialists.docx

2019-1021 Student Body Resolution Supporting the Permanent Funding of More Disability Resource Center Learning Specialists

2019-1022 Line Item Transfer for Volunteers for International Student Affairs

2019-1023 Resolution Supporting Striking Faculty at Wright State University

2019-1024 Resolution Supporting the Alachua County Labor Coalition’s Renters’ Rights Campaign

2019-1025 Student Senate Resolution Celebrating Black History Month

2019-1026 Resolution Memorializing the Marjory Stoneman-Douglas Shooting Victims One Year Later

2019-1027 Resolution Honoring Patrick Wanninkhof and Urging the Florida Legislature to Prohibit Using Hand-held Devices While Driving

2019-1028 Resolution Recognizing Rising Textbook Affordability Issues in Higher Education

2019-1029 Resolution Supporting Those Affected By the 2019 Polar Vortex

2019-1030 Resolution Respectfully Urging the University of Florida to Support Legislation Providing State Financial Aid to DACA and TPS Recipients

2019-1031 Funding for Students Justice for Palestine

2019-1032 Funding for Lucha Latina

2019-1034 Funding for Gators National Organization of Women

2019-1035 Funding for Young Americans for Freedom

2019-1036 Funding for Gator Anime

2019-1037 Student Senate Resolution Celebrating Women’s History Month

2019-1038 Resolution Urging the University of Florida Administration to Remove Wendy’s from Campus Until it Joins the Fair Food Program

2019-1039 Funding for Young Americans for Freedom

2019-1040 Funding for Splash Inc

2019-1041 Funding for Gator Billiards Club

2019-1042 Resolution Supporting the Alachua County Labor Coalition’s Renters’ Rights Campaign

2019-1043 Line Item Transfer for Gator Gaming to Awards

2019-1044 Line Item Transfer for Volunteers for International Student Affairs to Food

2019-1045 Line Item Transfer for Black Graduate Student Organization to Food

2019-1046 200 Comprehensive Code Revision

2019-1046 Veto Explanation

2019-1047 Resolution Commemorating the 25th Anniversary of Dance Marathon at the University of Florida

2019-1048 Resolution Supporting Additional Title IX and Sexual Assault Prevention Resources on the University of Florida Campus

2019-1049 Funding for Gators Billiards Club

2019-1050 Funding for Gators National Organization of Women

2019-1051 Funding for Sky

2019-1052 Funding for Gator Billiards Club

2019-1053 Funding for Orthodox Christian Campus Ministries

2019-1054 Funding for Florida Players

2019-1055 Funding for International Youth and Students Social Equality

2019-1056 Funding for Students Organize for Syria

2019-1057 Resolution Standing Against Anti-Semitism

2019-1058 Resolution to Save the Swamp!

2019-1059 Resolution to Stand in Solidarity with the People of Paris and the Christian Community

2019-1060 Resolution Honoring Fallen Gators

2019-1061 Fiscal Year 19-20 Amended A&S Fee Budget

2019-1062 Respect Students’ Identities Act

2019-1063 Student Senate Resolution Celebrating Asian Pacific Islander Desi American Heritage Month

2019-1064 Resolution Supporting a More Comprehensive Family Leave Plan

2019-1065 Resolution Celebrating Pride Month 2019 and LGBTQ+ Students

2019-1066 Award Consistency – 600 Code Revision

2019-1067 800 Code Revisions

2019-1068 Resolution Opposing Proposed Changes to Title IX Regulations

2019-1069 Resolution Memorializing the Three-Year Anniversary of the Pulse Nightclub Shooting

2019-1070 Student Body Resolution Supporting the City of Gainesville in Providing and Maintaining Affordable Housing

2019-1071 Funding for Fiscal Year 2020-2021 Activity Service Fee Budget

2019-1072 Resolution to Authorize Student Government Spring 2020 Election Dates

2019-1073 The Bridges Minority Outreach Program Establishment Act

2019-1074 The Class Councils Establishment Act

2019-1075 Resolution Supporting the National Puerto Rican Student Coalition

2019-1076 Resolution Amending the Rules & Procedures

2019-1077 The Exclusionary Offices Amendment Act

2019-1078 The Executive Cabinet Amendment Act

2019-1079 The Internal Affairs Establishment Act

2019-1080 The Student Government Referendum Constitutionality Act

2019-1081 Resolution Honoring Latinx Alumnus Alejandro de Quesada, M.D

2019-1082 Resolution Honoring Latinx Alumna Virginia Montes

2019-1083 Resolution Welcoming Bianca Z. Quiñones as New Hispanic-Latino Affairs Director

2019-1084 Resolution Supporting On-Campus Sexual Assault Forensic Exams

2019-1085 Student Senate Resolution Supporting the Goals and Objectives of the Asian Pacific Islander Desi American Task Force at the University of Florida

2019-1086 Resolution Honoring “Mr. Two Bits”

2019-1087 Resolution Honoring Latinx Alumna Julissa Calderon

2019-1088 Resolution Recognizing the Need for the Accessibility of SNAP at Applicable Campus Locations

2019-1089 Resolution Recognizing the Efforts of Hispanic Latino Affairs in Creating the First Year Arrival Program, ADELANTE

2019-1090 Resolution in Solidarity with the Puerto Rican People

2019-1091 Resolution Celebrating the Life of Huixiang Chen

2019-1092 Fall 2020 Reapportionment

2019-1093 Spring 2020 Reapportionment

2019-1094 300 Codes Revisions

2019-1095 Line Item Transfer for Student Chapter of the Society for Thriogeneology

2019-1096 Line Item Transfer for University Film Society

2019-1097 Line Item Transfer for Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging

2019-1098 Line Item Transfer for Volunteers for International Student Affairs

2019-1099 Line Item Transfer for Young Americans for Freedom

2019-1100 Line Item Transfer-HSA

2019-1101 Resolution Recognizing Campus Safety Concerns and Recommending Additional Proactive Resources

2019-1102 Resolution Commemorating the University of Florida Ranking No.7 Among Public

2019-1103 The Political Correspondence Transparency Act – 600 Code Revision

2019-1104 Resolution Amending the Senate Rules and Procedures

2019-1105 Resolution Celebrating Grateful Gator Day

2019-1106 Resolution Welcoming Dr. D’andra Mull as the New Vice President of Student Affairs

2019-1107 Resolution Applauding the Reconstruction and Reinstallment of the Institute of Black Culture and the Institute Of Hispanic-Latino Cultures (La Casita)

2019-1108 Anti-Intimidation Act – 747 Code Revision

2019-1109 Fairness of the Replacement and Agenda Committee Act

2019-1110 Line Item Transfer for Food Science and Human Nutrition Club

2019-1111 Line Item Transfer for First-Year Leadership Program

2019-1112 Line Item Transfer for the Neuroscience Club

2019-1113 Line Item Transfer for Law Association for Women

2019-1114 Line Item Transfer for Undergraduate Consulting Club

2020-1000 300 Code Revision

2020-1001 Line Item Transfer for Black Graduate Student Organization

2020-1002 Line Item Transfer for Student National Cannabis Bar Association

2020-1003 Resolution Celebrating Black History Month

2020-1004 Resolution Supporting Green Dot Bystander Intervention

2020-1005 Line Item Transfer for HOPE Ministries

2020-1006 Line Item Transfer for Inter Residence Hall Association

2020-1007 Line Item Transfer for Benton Engineering Council

2020-1008 Line Item Transfer for Plant Pathology Graduate Student Organization

2020-1009: Resolution Recognizing Kognito as the Premier Mental Health Literature and Encouraging Students to Complete the Training

2020-1010: 800 CODES REVISION- Preservation of Student Organization Funds

2020-1011: 800 CODES REVISION- Accommodations for Dietary Restrictions Act

2020-1012: Allocation of Reserves for Off-Campus Rent Relief Fund

2020-1013: The Cabinet Reorganization Act of 2020 – 200 Code Revision

2020-1014: Resolution Celebrating Asian Pacific Islander Desi American Heritage Month 2020

2020-1015: Resolution Recommending Additional Resources for International Students Facing Hardship Due to the COVID-19 Crisis

2020-1016: Resolution Supporting the Translation of Official Emails Coming from the University of Florida

2020-1017: Line Item Transfer for First-Year Leadership Program

2020-1018: Resolution Supporting Frontline Workers as We Continue to Fight Coronavirus

2020-1019: Resolution Encouraging University of Florida Students to Participate in “The Great American Takeout”

2020-1020: 200 Codes Amendment

2020-1021: Class Councils Code Revisions

2020-1022: Gender Neutral Wording Act – 300 Codes Revision

2020-1023: Gender Neutral Wording Act – 600 Codes Revision

2020-1024: Gender Neutral Wording Act – 700 Codes Revision
2020-1025: Resolution Advocating for the Adoption and Implementation of the Good Food Purchasing Program

2020-1026 Resolution Supporting The U.S. Senate’s Approval of the Uyghur Human Rights Bill

2020-1027 Line Item Transfer for Hispanic Student Association

2020-2028 Student Body Resolution Requesting that the University of Florida Assemble a Working Group on UF’s Connections to Indigenous Expropriation and Slavery to Better Understand and Document the University’s History

2020-1029: Gender Neutral Wording Act – 800 Codes Revision

Student Senate Bill 2020-1030: Resolution Recognizing the Need for an On-Campus LGBTQ+ Living Learning Community at the University of Florida

2020-1031: Resolution Celebrating Pride Month 2020 and LGBTQ+ Students

2020-1032: Resolution Denouncing Digital Racism and Demanding Accountability

2020-1033: Resolution on International Women in Engineering Day

2020-1034: Judiciary Committee Review Act: Rules and Procedures Amendment

2020-1035: Gender Neutral Wording Act – 800 Codes Revision

2020-1036: Funding for Fiscal Year 2021-2022 Activity and Service Fee Budget

2020-1037: Resolution Addressing the Implementation of Green Dot Bystander Intervention Training Within the Four University of Florida Greek Councils

2020-1038: Resolution Supporting the Artificial Intelligence Partnership at the University of Florida

2020-1039: Hitchcock Field and Fork Support – 800 Codes Revision

2020-1040: Rules & Procedures Amendments

2020-1041: 200 Codes Revision

2020-1042: 300 Codes Revision

2020-1043: 700 Codes Amendment

2020-1044: Accountability in Student Government Officials Act

2020-1045: Resolution to Authorize Student Senate Constituency for Fall 2020

2020-1046: Resolution memorializing those who were lost in the August 3rd El Paso Shooting

2020-1047: Gender Neutral Wording Act – 100 Codes Revision

2020-1048: Gender Neutral Wording Act – 200 Codes Revision

2020-1049: Gender Neutral Wording Act – 400 Codes Revision

2020-1050: Resolution condemning Representative Ted Yoho’s comments to Representative Alexandria Ocascio-Cortez and Sexism in Student Government

2020-1051: Resolution honoring the life of Vanessa Guillen

2020-1052: 800 Codes Revisions

2020-1053: COVID-19 Temporary Code Change Authorization – 800 Codes Authorization 

2020-1054: 300 Codes Revision

2020-1055: Resolution Supporting the Expansion of the University of Florida Student Government Print Services to Norman Hall

2020-1056: Spring 2021 Reapportionment

2020-1057: Resolution Recognizing that Black Lives Matter

2020-1058: Resolution Celebrating the National Pan-Hellenic Council Garden

2020-1059: Resolution Supporting Increased University Avenue Crosswalks

2020-1060: Resolution Commemorating the Life of Ruth Bader Ginsburg

2020-1061: Senate Freedom of Religion Rules and Procedures Amendment

2020-1062: Resolution Supporting the Creation of a First-Generation Living Learning Community in the Murphree Area

2020-1063: Resolution Recognizing the University of Florida as a No. 6 Public University

2020-1064: Rules and Procedures Amendments

2020-1065: Resolution Addressing the Need for the UF Office of the University Registrar to Adopt an Electronic Transcript Service

2020-1066: Religious Holiday Bill-300 Codes Amendment

2020-1067: 700 Code Revisions

2021-1000: Resolution Advocating for the Future Addition of the United States Space Force Commemorative Pillar to the UF Veterans Memorial

2021-1001: Resolution Commemorating the Lives of Margaret Paxton and Sophia Lambert

2021-1002: School Zone Safety Act

2021-1003: Rules and Procedures Amendment

2021-1004: Resolution Requesting that the State of Florida Review Pedestrian Safety Measures In and Around the University of Florida Campus

2021-1005: Amendment Authors-Rules and Procedures Revision

2021-1006: Author’s Revision Act

2021-1007: Resolution Condemning the Demolition of Maguire Village and University Village South (UVS) Graduate and Family Housing

2021-1008: Carry Forward Fairness Act – 800 Codes Revision

2021-1009: Resolution Honoring the Life of Stephan Mickle

2021-1010: Resolution to Amend Rule XII of the Senate Rules and Procedures

2021-1011: Resolution Recognizing David Bowles for Outstanding Service to the University

2021-1012: Resolution Supporting the Institution of Universal Student Voter Registration

2021-1013: Student Government Award Deletion Act – 600 Code Revision

2021-1014: The Brian Burgoon Recognition Act – 600 Code Revision

2021-1015: The David Bowles Recognition Act – 600 Code Revision

2021-1016: Resolution Commemorating Sexual Assault Awareness Month 2021

2021-1017: Resolution Supporting the University of Florida Committing to 100% Renewable Energy by 2040

2021-1018: Resolution Recognizing Anti-Asian Hate

2021-1019: Student Government Accountability Act-200 Code Revision

2021-1020: Resolution Commemorating the Life of Justice Joseph Woodrow Hatchett

2021-1021: Resolution Honoring the Life of Ralph Turlington

2021-1022: Vacancy Replacement Reform Act – 300 Codes Revision

2021-1023: Accountability Booster Compliance Act – 300 Code Revision

2021-1024: The Administrative Boards and Subsidiaries, Commissions, Organizations Clean Up Act – 500 Code Revision

2021-1025: Amended Fiscal Year 21-22 Activity and Service Fee Budget