UF Policy Statement

The University of Florida is committed to providing a safe educational, working, and residential environment that is free from sexual harassment or misconduct directed towards any and all members of the community. To achieve this goal, no behavior of this nature will be tolerated and, if discovered, the procedure for investigation and potential adjudication, as outlined in this policy, will be followed. Similarly, retaliation against an individual who has filed a complaint regarding alleged sexual harassment or misconduct is also against University policy and may result in disciplinary action. Students, faculty, staff, contracted workers and visitors are urged to promptly report any such behavior to the Office of Title IX Compliance.

Student Rights

  • Students have the ability to request relocation/change of housing, transportation, academic course assignment, counseling services, legal services, and law enforcement notification.
  • Students have the right to report the incident, have the school investigate the incident (including when the incident occurred off-campus or by people who are not students) and have the complaint resolved promptly and effectively.
  • Students have the right to report any retaliatory acts by the alleged perpetrator, faculty or other students, and the school is required to take strong action in response to such retaliation. Schools must provide an “adequate, reliable, and impartial” investigation regarding reported incidents of sexual violence.
  • Student survivors have the right to present evidence/witnesses, be notified of the timeline of the investigation, to have any proceedings documented, and to be notified in writing of the outcome of the investigation as well as any appeals. If after conducting an investigation, the school finds evidence of a hostile environment resulting from sexual violence they are required to take effective steps to end the violence and eliminate the hostile environment as well as prevent recurrence.
  • For more information take a look at the Student’s Rights section of the Orange Book pages 20-24 to know and understand your legal student rights.