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What is kNOw MORE UF?

The kNOw MORE initiative originates from the idea that there is a serious problem on college campuses of power-based personal violence and sexual violence that must come to an end. The first step to ending this pervasive issue is to know more about the issue and gain understanding. kNOw MORE is committed to supporting students by connecting them to the wealth of resources available to help. kNOw MORE is a UF Student Government initiative.

Mission Statement

We want to provide a one-stop location for all the resources available in the Gator community and surrounding areas to support, inform, and advocate for the prevention of power-based personal violence for all members of the Gator community, including marginalized communities. The purpose of kNOw MORE is to create an environment in which sexual assault is unacceptable, and survivors are supported fully by ensuring a trauma-informed approach. kNOw MORE intends to seek tough yet honest conversations to promote the collective understanding that we are responsible for preventing power-based personal violence. The mission of kNOw MORE is to assemble the services available to Gators and build trust in our institutional resources.

Value Statement

We hope to create a community that is free of power-based personal violence and a culture that encourages open communication, transparency, and awareness by compiling institutional resources.

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