On-campus Resources

GatorSafe App

The GatorSafe app provides a variety of safety resources for the UF community. The app allows individuals to make emergency calls, receive safety alerts, and report a crime tip. Using the app, you can trigger a mobile blue light that will send your location to UFPD and use a personal safety toolbox that has a loud alarm and more. The app is free and can be downloaded to smartphones.

The Office of Victim Services at UFPD

The Office of Victim Services provides a victim advocate for anyone who is a victim of a crime while on the University of Florida campus. All services are free and confidential. This office ensures that victims receive a victim’s advocate who will ensure they receive fair treatment. The Office of Victim Services provides presentations and courses for members of the UF community.

The University of Florida Police Department

UFPD is an accredited law enforcement agency that provides safety and security for the University of Florida campus. UFPD provides 24/7 patrol to prevent crime and protect the community. UFPD provides a variety of classes for students including Rape Agression Defense.

Office for Accessibility and Gender Equity

Title IX addresses sexual harassment, sexual violence, or any gender-based discrimination that may deny a person access to educational benefits and opportunities. Under Title IX, schools must ensure that all students and employees have equal access to education and educational facilities, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, or gender identity. Sexual harassment and sexual violence are forms of gender discrimination that are prohibited by Title IX, including when the incident(s) occur off-campus or involve people who are not students.

Sexual Trauma/Interpersonal Violence Education (STRIVE)

STRIVE is a peer education group comprised of UF students. STRIVE is overseen by GatorWell Health Promotion Services. STRIVE incorporates outreach, education, and advocacy to help prevent interpersonal violence.

Counseling and Wellness Center (CWC)

The UF Counseling and Wellness Center has professional counselors and therapists who offer individual or group counseling to help deal with issues relating to victimization or sexual exploitation. The services offered at the CWC are free and confidential.

UF Student Legal Services

Student Legal Services provides a wide variety of legal services ranging from advice with legal documents to legal research to drafting legal documents. These services are pre-paid by the University of Florida. They also educate students on their legal rights through lectures, workshops, presentations, and the distribution of information on a variety of legal issues.

U Matter We Care

U Matter We Care aims to help the UF community through education, providing pathways to get involved in the initiative, and supporting students. They provide many resources and trainings for the UF community.


GatorWell strives to empower students to be healthy through prevention. They provide a variety of services and help prepare students for success. They have many presentations and workshops for students.

Care Area

The Care Area is an office in the Dean of Students Office that uses resources and success plans to ensure that every student feels part of the UF community. They also assist in problem solving and the medical withdrawal process.

Green Dot

Green Dot is a campus-wide initiative that mobilizes a force of engaged and proactive bystanders. Through education and prevention strategies, Green Dot addresses sexual assault, dating/domestic violence, bullying, and stalking. Green Dot provides trainings for students and faculty.


Kognito is a free online training course for individuals to learn techniques that allow them to help and refer. Kognito helps individuals notice signs of distress in our peers and assist them.

Student Health Care Center

The SHCC is committed to ensuring that every student achieves their optimal health in pursuit of academic success and provides a variety of treatments. They provide 24/7 on-call services at 392-1161.

Off-campus Resources

Alachua County Victim Services and Rape Crisis Center

All services are free and confidential. They offer a 24/7 sexual assault hotline and provide advocates for victims.

Peaceful Paths

A shelter for victims of domestic violence in Alachua County. They offer a 24/7 hotline that is available through call or text.