Graduate Student Council was founded with a vision of creating a network for UF graduate students to share resources, build relationships, and enjoy their graduate school experience at UF.

GSC serves as a liaison between University of Florida graduate students, the UF administration and UF Student Government. Funded by UF Student Government, GSC is a voice for graduate student needs, concerns and ideas, and provides a number of services to graduate students.

UF Graduate Student Council Constitution


Jonathan Orsini Jonathan Orsini
Jonathan Orsini
Manasa Chekka Manasa Chekka
Manasa Chekka
Vice President
Alexander Wong Alexander Wong
Alexander Wong
Paul Wassel Paul Wassel
Paul Wassel
Mustafa Ozdemir Mustafa Ozdemir
Mustafa Ozdemir
Graduate Affairs Committee Chair
Alexander Wong Alwin Hopf
Alwin Hopf
Grants Committee Chair
Olivia Caillouet Olivia Caillouet
Olivia Caillouet
International Affairs Chair
Shar Siddiqui Shar Siddiqui
Shar Siddiqui
Sean Davis Sean Davis
Sean Davis
New Student Orientation/Fundraising Chair