The Elections Commission is an independent agency of Student Government that oversees the conduct and complaints surrounding elections. The Commission also recommends validation or invalidation of Student Government elections.

The Elections Commission shall consist of six (6) members. The Student Body President, Student Senate President, and Chief Justice shall each nominate two (2) law students. Members serve staggered one-year terms, so that one (1) of the nominees of each branch ends their term after each election.
To be eligible to serve on the Elections Commission:

  • Commissioners shall not hold nor have held any position or affiliation with any Student Government political party during the previous election cycle.
  • Commissioners shall not hold any other position or office in Student Government.
  • Commissioners shall not be an executive officer of any Student Government funded organization.

Elections Commission Chair: Amanda Matyk

Commissioner 1: Andre Revaz (SBP Appointment through Fall 2020)

Commissioner 2: Austin Klein (SBP Appointment through Spring 2020)

Commissioner 3: Katharine Haddad (Chief Justice Appointment through Spring 2020)

Commissioner 4: Noah Liebling (Senate President Appointment through Spring 2020)

Commissioner 5: Michael Cairo (Chief Justice Appointment through Fall 2020)

The Elections Commission Chair presides over all hearings and meetings of the Commission and ensures the Commission adheres to the 700 codes and the Constitution of the Student Body.

Amanda Matyk