Academic Affairs

Colin McDermott

The Academic Affairs Secretary is in charge of staying up to date on academic policy moving through the University Administration and Faculty Senate. This individual will be responsible for informing the Student Body President of any issues that are pertinent to the students regarding academics, and must be in touch with academic concerns of the Student Body.

Athletics and Recreation

Brandon Diaz

The Athletics & Recreation Secretary works with the UAA on all student issues with athletic events at UF, including, but not limited to, everything related to the student Athletic Fee. In addition, this position works with Recreational Sports on all student issues related to intramural sports and sports clubs. It will also create and spearhead any services related to Athletics where students would see benefit. This individual is also responsible for maintaining an active relationship with all areas of recreational life for students such as Lake Wauburg, Recreational Sports, and the Reitz Union. Any issues facing students with these facilities will be under the direct responsibility of this secretary. This position should attend all relevant meetings, such as, Reitz Union Board and Recreational Sports Board, and keep the administration informed on all on-goings.

Campus Safety

Gokul Muralidharan

The Campus Safety Secretary is in charge of all areas of campus safety including but not limited to, campus lighting and sexual assault awareness. This individual communicates with UPD regarding the needs of our campus for ensuring the safety for this funding.

Diversity Affairs

Jayla Bailey

The Diversity Affairs Secretary is responsible for informing the Student Body President of the diversity initiatives enacted by the University and the status of diversity affairs across the various colleges and departments at the University of Florida. They will also be in charge of developing a diversity training curriculum for all Student Government officials.

Finance and Fees

Jacob Albert

The Finances & Fees Executive Secretary works to make sure the Student Body President is up to date on all the different fees that are associated with attending the University of Florida. From this information, policies and initiatives can be made to ensure students are receiving the most from their tuition dollars and that they can be financially secure during their time in college.

Graduate, Professional, and Family Affairs

The Graduate, Professional, and Family Affairs Secretary will be responsible for all knowledge on all issues facing graduate, professional, any students with children, including but not limited to insurance, housing and childcare. During the administration, it will be the charge of this secretary to revisit the issues facing Baby Gator and Family Housing Blue Lights.

Health Affairs

Gia Patel

The Health Affairs Secretary is responsible for reporting on all health related matters on campus, and making sure the student body stays up to speed on current health-related issues in the community. This secretary should actively seek to find areas of improvement needed to the health of the overall student body, and use policy and actions to advance the health and knowledge of those on campus. In addition, the individual will also be in charge of the working with the Senior Vice President to set the student health insurance policy and sit on the health insurance board. It will be through these outlets that this secretary is able to report to the Student Body President on all pertinent health issues facing UF.

Legal Affairs

Shawn  Kapersaud

The Legal Affairs Secretary maintains knowledge regarding any legal issues that are widespread throughout the student population. In addition, this secretary is responsible for maintaining knowledge on the student body’s use of the Student Legal Services office and the appropriate offerings of services from this office. Lastly, this keeps aware of all on goings from Judicial Branch and maintain communication about all recent decisions.

Press Secretary

Mary Emma Cook

The Press Secretary is responsible for coordinating media relations with local news outlets and maintaining an informative relationship with the student body on behalf of the Student Body President and other members of the administration. This secretary is responsible for coordinating with Action SG to properly advertise events on social media, educate students on issues and developments in student government, and coordinate with local media on SG coverage throughout the year.

Satellite Affairs

Wes Freeman

The Satellite Affairs Secretary informs the executive branch of the needs of students at all Satellite Campuses and UF Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (IFAS) Extension locations. This individual also provides these students with information about upcoming Student Government events and any new services that may be provided to them in the future. This individual also works to coordinate outreach to each of the Extensions in all 67 Florida counties.

Solicitor General

Nicholas Andrews

The Solicitor General will serve as the administration’s lawyer. The Solicitor General appears before the Supreme Court when deemed necessary by the Student Body President. This individual needs to be knowledgeable of the the University of Florida Constitution and the Student Body Statutes.

Special Projects

Tyler Hoppe

The Special Projects Advisor works in the development of specific campus projects. These projects are typically on a scale that cannot be addressed through typical Student Government allocations. This individual works closely with local and national businesses in order to secure these programs. This advisor maintains an active database of vendors who work with UF Student Government for student organizations. In addition, this individual is responsible for growing SG’s relationships with new vendors and communicating with any new potential partners.

Student Services

Caleb Archelus

The Student Services Executive Secretary works to make sure the numerous on and off campus services the University of Florida provides are working smoothly and effectively for students. Projects on campus set forth by the Student Government are monitored by this secretary so that these programs can be as meaningful to students as possible.

Technology Secretary

Ashley James

The Technology Secretary serves as a technical resource to Student Government to develop programs that encourage students to embrace and utilize technology. This individual is responsible for collaborating with various other entities to disseminate information to the student body, and works directly with Student Government Professional Staff and Action SG on matters relating to the SG website.