Diversity Cabinet

Kayla Sibble & Joshua Thomas

Oversees the following cabinets: Disability Affairs, Interfaith Affairs, International Affairs, Women’s Affairs, LGBTQ Affairs, and Multicultural Affairs. This Department Chairperson acts as the point person regarding any diversity-related affairs dealing with university officials or different cultural organizations. The Chairperson ensures that the assigned Cabinet Directors work closely with student organizations specific to their Cabinet mission to provide exciting events that promote embracing diversity at the University of Florida.

Leadership and Service Cabinet

Kayla Myers

Oversees the following cabinets: Career Development, Community Involvement, External Communication, Innovation, Internal Communication, and Leadership Development and Involvement. These cabinets will serve to foster leadership among their members, but also promote leadership development and service among students whose programming it is suited for. These cabinets will promote community involvement, service, and leadership development from Cabinet to the rest of campus.

Student Life Chair

Sadie Carey & Gianmarco Rodriguez

This Student Life Division Chairperson and respective cabinets work along with the Divisions of Student Affairs, Reitz Union Board of Managers and other departments to find ways to improve campus life for present and future Gators. This Division Chairperson oversees the assigned Cabinet Directors to ensure they provide exemplary events that help students gain pride for their university. They oversee Finance & Affordability, Greek Affairs, Health Affairs, Housing Affairs, Orange & Blue, and Veterans Affairs Cabinets.

Transition Cabinet

Sebastian Palomino

The Transition Chair Oversees the following cabinets: PaCE, Innovation Academy, First Generation, Transfer, First Year Experience, and Graduate Student Affairs. These cabinets will work to ease the transition for non-traditional students into the UF community. In an effort to improve UF’s retention rate, the Transition Cabinet will host innovative programming events and brainstorm initiatives to ensure all non-traditional students feel included and welcomed at the university.