Diversity Cabinet
Adetola Alonge
Oversees the following cabinets: Disability Affairs, Interfaith Affairs, International Affairs, Women’s Affairs, LGBTQ Affairs, and Multicultural Affairs. This Department Chairperson acts as the point person regarding any diversity-related affairs dealing with university officials or different cultural organizations. The Chairperson ensures that the assigned Cabinet Directors work closely with student organizations specific to their Cabinet mission to provide exciting events that promote embracing diversity at the University of Florida.

Leadership and Service Cabinet
Finn Sunshine
Oversees the following cabinets: Career Development, Community Involvement, External Communication, Innovation, Internal Communication, and Leadership Development and Involvement. These cabinets will serve to foster leadership among their members, but also promote leadership development and service among students whose programming it is suited for. These cabinets will promote community involvement, service, and leadership development from Cabinet to the rest of campus.

Student Life Chair
Hannah Kim
This Student Life Division Chairperson and respective cabinets work along with the Divisions of Student Affairs, Reitz Union Board of Managers and other departments to find ways to improve campus life for present and future Gators. This Division Chairperson oversees the assigned Cabinet Directors to ensure they provide exemplary events that help students gain pride for their university. They oversee Finance & Affordability, Greek Affairs, Health Affairs, Housing Affairs, Orange & Blue, and Veterans Affairs Cabinets.

Transition Cabinet
Daniel Badell
Transition Chair Oversees the following cabinets: PaCE, Innovation Academy, First Generation, Transfer, First Year Experience, and Graduate Student Affairs. These cabinets will work to ease the transition for non-traditional students into the UF community. In an effort to improve UF’s retention rate, the Transition Cabinet will host innovative programming events and brainstorm initiatives to ensure all non-traditional students feel included and welcomed at the university.

Disability Affairs
Bailey Inglis
Responsible for promoting the needs and voices of the disabled population at the University of Florida campus. The Cabinet is used primarily as a means of connecting the various forces, including administrators, faculty, and students, on campus devoted to the social amelioration of people with disabilities. Furthermore, this Cabinet is charged with raising awareness among the student population of the different disabilities their peers may be dealing with and how to be sensitive to their needs. To achieve these goals, the Cabinet hosts various events to develop student awareness towards the needs of disabled students. This Cabinet oversees SG Disability Awareness Month in the month of October.

Interfaith Affairs
Jonathon Dolson
The Interfaith Affairs Cabinet works to provide a campus environment open to students of all faiths. This cabinet communicates with religious groups on campus in order to promote their goals and to also maintain an open dialogue between these groups. Interfaith Affairs is responsible for programming events in which participation by all religious faiths groups is encouraged. A key component of this cabinet is educating the student body and fostering a coexistence of the diverse faiths on campus.

International Affairs
Nick Althammer
The International Student Affairs Cabinet works to ensure a smooth transition for international students from their home countries to the Gator Nation. The Cabinet coordinates outreach to all international students at the University of Florida, specifically related to issues surrounding transportation and orientation to campus. This Cabinet works with Division of Student Affairs and the Department of Housing and Residence Education to ensure that all international students experience a smooth transition into their new learning environment. This Cabinet also works with the UF office of International Student Services in an effort to offer services to the university’s international student community.

LGBTQ Affairs Cabinet
Shea Berman
The LGBTQ Student Affairs Cabinet represents the student voice of LGBTQ. QIAAP individuals in the UF Student Government, collaborating with organizations such as Pride Student Union and Multicultural and Diversity Affairs’ LGBT Affairs office. The Cabinet programs events that bring together all of the LGBTQ community and works to improve LGBTQ representation and awareness in student leadership, policies, and programs.

Multicultural Affairs
Aaron Chau
Works to bridge the gap and encourages cultural unity between and among the different cultures at the University of Florida campus. In an effort to expand student and community awareness of various cultures, the Cabinet encourages collaborative efforts among all cultural organizations at the University of Florida, and provides students with resources and dialogues on equity, social justice and diversity education. This Cabinet addresses issues such as stereotypes, prejudice and discrimination where it relates to ethnicity, race and religion.

Women’s Affairs
Cameron Weiss
The Women’s Affairs Cabinet promotes awareness and education on various issues relating to women. The Cabinet provides insightful and interactive programs, seminars, and events in order to broaden students’ awareness of current issues such as topics of health, career success and equality. The Cabinet is charged with the responsibility of facilitating round table discussions with female faculty, leaders in academia, and student leaders throughout the year.

Community Involvement
Libby Putnam
Works to create, organize, inform and facilitate community service projects for UF students and abroad. This Cabinet works along with the Center for Leadership and Service to accomplish this. Students can also use this cabinet as a resource to reach out to local non-profit organizations in need of volunteers. This Cabinet is also charged with coordinating service projects for members of Student Government.

External Communications
Rylee McIver
Responsible for working with all Cabinet Directors and Student Government officials to create and organize advertisements and advertisement strategies for various SG programs. This includes, but not limited to, print, radio and television advertisements. The Director organizes programs and focus groups to research and strategize for Student Government’s various advertising campaigns, while also providing a means of marketing for Student Government and its entities. This Cabinet is also charged with distributing information to the student body via SG listservs, contacting gatekeepers of other listservs, meeting with Cabinet Directors to create joint press releases for media outlets in Gainesville. This Cabinet is also responsible for the dissemination of information on the Student Government Facebook fan page and Twitter.

Internal Communications
Jason Andreacchio
Responsible for establishing communications between Student Government and the student body by coordinating Student Government tabling events, updating the official display case and planning extracurricular Student Government events, such as the Awards and Inaugural Ceremony and Holiday Get-Together. This Cabinet notifies all Student Government members of Cabinet activities, meetings and events. It serves as the chief of communication between and among all branches of Student Government. This Cabinet is further charged with the responsibility of creating and sustaining a more student-friendly, accessible Student Government area.

Leadership Development and Involvement
Aaron Levin
The Leadership Development & Involvement Cabinet’s purpose is to brand Student Government leadership by developing, facilitating, and administering a leadership curriculum focusing on internal development for external service. The aim is to facilitate dialogue between Student Government and leaders in various facets of this campus by providing training to equip them with skills that are marketable and applicable to the future in order to promote the development of holistic leaders to make a lasting impact at the University of Florida and in the community.

Engagement & Service
Genna Grodin
The purpose of the Engagement & Services Cabinet is to facilitate a connection between Student Government leadership, campus organizations, and Departments in order to further promote and improve upon currently existing programming.

Finance and Affordability
Rani LaRue
This cabinet will create programs to advise students on how to fill out financial aid applications, how to manage personal finances, and how to apply to scholarships and loans. The Cabinet will also work with the Field & Fork Food Pantry.

Greek Affairs
Matthew Wolf
The Greek Affairs Cabinet establishes and maintains strong relationships within and among the four Greek Councils (the Panhellenic Council, Interfraternity Council, National Pan-Hellenic Council and Multicultural Greek Council). This Cabinet strives to create greater cohesion throughout the UF Greek community and inform other students about Greek life at the University of Florida through campus programming. The Director also acts as a liaison between the Office of Sorority and Fraternity Affairs and Student Government.

Health Affairs
Samantha Nukala
Implements informative programs and activities related to prevalent health issues that affect students and members of the Gainesville community. Events include a Freshman 15 Health Fair, a 5K Health Run and a candle-lighting ceremony for National Eating Disorders Awareness Week. The Cabinet is charged with the responsibility of ensuring that health services provided by the University reflect the needs of the Student Body. The Health Affairs Cabinet Director also serves as the Co-Chair of the Student Health Advisory Board (SHAB) and works directly with the Director of the Student Health Care Center and the President of SHOT in discussing pertinent health issues.

Housing Affairs
Bebe Gardner
The Housing Affairs Cabinet works to serve as a link between students living on- and off-campus. With the Housing Affairs Cabinet, the director provides solutions to issues and concerns related to housing (i.e. leasing and roommate selections) by thinking of and implementing innovative ways to educate students on all aspects of housing, both on- and off-campus. The director communicates with the University’s Department of Housing and Resident Education, Off-Campus Life and Student Government to create a collaborative relationship among them. The director is also responsible for coordinating the Fall and Spring Housing Fairs, which attracts apartment complexes in the surrounding communities. These events provide immediate access for students to explore living options in Gainesville.

Orange and Blue
Trinity Oneil-Torres
Work with the overall mandate of promoting school spirit and a sense of unity throughout the entire University of Florida community. Orange and Blue Cabinet members work hard to ensure that every Gator has the opportunity to maximize his or her college experience. By organizing pep rallies, maintaining student safety through FL/GA sideline student safety zones, providing cold drinks and ice cream on hot days and ensuring all students wear the good ol’ orange and blue. This Cabinet strives to establish a common thread among all members of the University of Florida family.

Veteran’s Affairs
Connor McClay
The Veteran’s Affairs Cabinet promotes awareness and education of the student body on issues pertaining to veterans. This Cabinet creates resources for veterans on campus as well as programs to honor veterans. Veteran’s Affairs is responsible for building a community for veterans and for promoting a positive campus environment between veterans and the student body.

First Generation Affairs
Sazzad Mabud
The First Generation Affairs Cabinet promotes awareness and education on various issues relating to first-generation students.

Preslie Price
The PACE Cabinet serves to connect the PACE student population to the University of Florida. This cabinet strives to give PACE students a platform to serve and lead the school by offering programming events throughout the year.

First-Year Experience
Carley Rudd
The First-Year Experience Cabinet serves to connect incoming first-year students to involvement opportunities at the University of Florida. The First-Year Experience Cabinet will host intentional programming at the beginning of each semester to connect incoming students within their first few weeks on-campus.

Transfer Affairs
Lenna Menocal
The Transfer Cabinet serves to connect the Transfer student population to the University of Florida. This cabinet strives to give Transfer students a platform to serve and lead the school by offering programming events throughout the year.

Graduate Student Affairs

The Graduate Student Affairs Cabinet serves to connect the Graduate student population to the University of Florida. For the purposes of this cabinet, Graduate Student Affairs include professional students. This cabinet strives to give graduate students a platform to serve and lead the school by offering programming events throughout the year.

Innovation Academy Affairs
Haley Ninonson
The Innovation Academy Cabinet serves to connect the Innovation Academy students to involvement at the University of Florida and to the greater student body. IA is a living and learning community focused on innovation, creativity, entrepreneurship, ethics, and leadership. This cabinet strives to give those students a platform to serve and lead the school by offering programming events, especially during the IA spring-summer class schedule.