Nominations for Outstanding Graduate Student, Outstanding Staff Member, and Outstanding Faculty Member are due by Friday, March 27 at 5:00 PM

Nominees will be notified on Wednesday, April 1

Awards include:

NOTE: All Outstanding Graduate Student award nominations MUST be submitted by a university faculty or staff member. Students may not nominate themselves, or each other, for the student award. Students MAY nominate an Outstanding staff or faculty member.

Please send completed application materials as PDFs to

Subject line: Student (Faculty/Staff) GSC Award Nomination

A complete nomination packet includes:

1) Nomination Form

2) Nominee’s CV (including relevant honors, awards, research, etc).

3) 1 page (12 point Times New Roman, 1″ Margins) letter of support by the nominator detailing why the nominee deserves the award.

Please direct any questions to the GSC Secretary.